Matthew's G - MACH  was scratch built using convention methods on the fuselage but the wing was cut from blue form. The blue form was strengthened with carbon fibre tows over its full span (two on the top and two on the bottom of each wing and tail-plane) and covered with brown paper and Profilm. The front half of the fuselage is sprayed.

 The engine is the renowned Fisher Redshift XR60 IFM mounted on bobbin type soft mounts (click here for picture of first ever model to be fitted with soft mounts).  The cylinder liner is of the Aresti type, timed at 154 and fitted with a loose piston. Running on straight fuel and a APC 11 x 11 propeller, 10400 rpm is achieved.  The pipe and steel header were both home built some twenty years ago. The pipe was welded from sheet aluminium and a tube from an old vacuum cleaner forms the silencer, it proved to be several hundred RPM up on anything else around at the time.


Special attention has been given to the engine cooling with ducts in the cowling directing cool air into strategic areas. Not only on the obvious hot spot around the header pipe but also to the lower crank case area, an area usually buried and forgotten by most modellers.